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Modeling Pro


The App includes essential tools for models, agencies, bookers and for anyone involved in the modeling industry.


1. Database of modeling agencies

- over 900 modeling agencies of 36 countries are marked on the map.
- search by agency name, city name or country name.
- copy and share agency information.

- each agency has its own View with detailed information:

bio, address, map location, links to Instagram, Facebook, web page, contacts and reviews from models.

List of modeling agencies (915 agencies, version 3.3):

- 135 agencies of China 🇨🇳(Beijing 13, Xiamen  2, Guangzhou 34, Shenzhen 20, Shanghai 33, Hangzhou 18, Chongqing 3, Chengdu 6 and 4 cities more)

- 133 agencies of Russia 🇷🇺(Moscow 54, Saint Petersburg 25, Yekaterinburg 6, Krasnodar 5, Rostov-on-Don 5, Samara 4, Volgograd 3 and 20 cities more)

- 73 agencies of Ukraine 🇺🇦(Kiev 41, Lviv 7, Dnipro 5, Odessa 5 and 12 cities more)

- 50 agencies of USA 🇺🇸(New York 21, Los Angeles 17, Miami 8, Chicago 3, Atlanta 1)

- 48 agencies of Turkey 🇹🇷(Istanbul)

- 37 agencies of United Kingdom 🇬🇧(London)

- 37 agencies of Germany 🇩🇪(Düsseldorf 2, Hamburg 18, Berlin 11, Munich 5, Frankfurt 1)

- 36 agencies of South Korea 🇰🇷(Seoul)

- 34 agencies of India 🇮🇳(Mumbai  8, Bangalore 4, Delhi 22)

- 33 agencies of France 🇫🇷(Paris)

- 33 agencies of Italy 🇮🇹(Milan)

- 31 agencies of Japan 🇯🇵(Tokyo 23, Kyoto  1, Osaka 7)

- 30 agencies of Spain 🇪🇸(Madrid 13, Barcelona 17)

- 21 agencies of Indonesia 🇮🇩(Bali 3, Jakarta 18)

- 17 agencies of Thailand 🇹🇭(Bangkok)

- 15 agencies Hong Kong 🇭🇰

- 14 agencies of Australia 🇦🇺(Sydney 8, Brisbane  2, Perth 2, Melbourne 2)

- 13 agencies of Taiwan 🇹🇼(Taipei)

- 12 agencies of Mexico 🇲🇽(Mexico City 11, Guadalajara 1)

- 12 agencies of South Africa 🇿🇦(Cape Town 9, Johannesburg 2, Durban 1)

- 11 agencies of United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪(Dubai)

- 10 agencies of Philippines 🇵🇭(Manila)

- 9 agencies of Sweden 🇸🇪(Stockholm 4, Malmö 1, Gothenburg 4)

- 9 agencies of Belarus 🇧🇾(Minsk 6, Vitebsk 2,Brest 1)

- 8 agencies of Greece 🇬🇷(Athens 7, Thessaloníki 1)

- 8 agencies of Portugal 🇵🇹(Lisbon 7, Porto 1)

- 6 agencies of Denmark 🇩🇰(Copenhagen 5, Aarhus 1)

- 6 agencies Singapore 🇸🇬

- 6 agencies of Malaysia 🇲🇾(Kuala Lumpur)

- 6 agencies of Vietnam 🇻🇳(Hanoi 1, Ho Chi Minh City 5)

- 4 agencies of Chile 🇨🇱(Santiago)

- 4 agencies of Israel 🇮🇱(Tel Aviv)

- 4 agencies of Lebanon 🇱🇧(Beirut)

- 4 agencies of Switzerland 🇨🇭(Zürich 3, Lausanne 1)

- 2 agencies of Egypt 🇪🇬(Cairo)

- 1 agency of Norway 🇳🇴(Oslo)

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2. Model Balance

- Track your expenses and income. 
- Keep information about jobs, castings, rehearsals etc. 
- Update your notes and calculations. 

- Calculations with various ‘percentage ’ (the fee your agent and/or manager takes out of the money you make): 0% - 15% - 20% - 30% - 40% - 50% - 60% - 70% .

- Suitable for a variety of markets as well as freelance.


3. Posing tips

-Posing guide for models and photographers.

- Useful posing tips with photos and translation.

Chapters (Modeling Pro, Version 3.3):

— Head and Face.
General information.
 Split profile.
 Protruding ear.
 Cui de sac.
Head tipped without compensating action. Head tipped toward camera. Head tipped away from camera.
 Head bowed.
 Profile head tipped back.
 Eyes wrongly turned.
 Coiffure illogically shaped or proportioned.
Face appear wider if…
Face appear longer if…
 Curl «trap».

Flat white skin. 
Butchery by light.

Neck too vertical.
Accordion pleated neck. 

— Shoulders, Arms and Hands.
General information.
Level shoulders flat to camera.
 Near shoulder low.
 Extreme foreshortening of arm. Right angles.

 Hyper-extended elbow.
 Wrist or elbow cut.
 Arm from nowhere.

Arm sprouting from abdomen.
Crossed arms.
 Arm flattened against body. 
Spread fingers.
 Tangled digits.
 Clasped hands.
Casually misplaced hands.
Butchery by light.
 Faulty empathy of grasping. Broken wrist.

Collapsed wrist.
 Straight wrist. 

— The Torse.
General information.

Twisted female torse (shoulders wide, hips narrow).  Collapsed abdomen.
Hand above ilium. Flattened fanetta.
 Bathing suit marks. Butchery by light. Slumped scapula. 
— Legs and Feet.
General information. Right angled knee. Knee traps.
 Knee Stumps.
 Cut at knee or ankle. Wrong cut of thigh. Extreme foreshortening of leg. Hyper-extended knee. Leg cross. 
Crossed knees.
 Parallelism without separation.  Stump or flipper feet.
 Soles of feet shown. 


4. Model words

- The most complete and detailed modeling glossary.

- Over 300 words and modeling phrases with description and translation.

Ratings & Reviews


Pernilla Hultberg

model agent, Sweden
The app helped me find good Asian contracts for my models. I did not know that there are more than 30 international modeling agencies in only one city of Shanghai! Such detailed information can not be found either on or in Google.
5/5 Rating

Arthur Alves

model agent, Brazil
So happy to finally have this app on my mac and iPhone. This is exactly what I need for my work.
4/5 Rating

Camilla Fruet

fashion model, Brazil
I signed a contract with a very good mother agency! Thanks to Modeling Pro. Also I learned a lot about my posing mistakes. And the glossary of modeling terms was very useful on my first modeling trip to Milan. 
5/5 Rating

Tamara Pernar

fashion model, Belarus

Пользуюсь приложением каждый день. Очень удобно отслеживать доходы и расходы. Также перед своей очередной модельной поездкой я могу узнать всю информацию об агентстве. А еще есть перевод на русский язык! 10/10

P.S. Добавьте больше котиков! Они очень милые!

5/5 Rating

Andrea Nage

fashion model, Hungary
Agency reviews helped me make the right choice when I signed the contract. Thanks to the developers of this wonderful app!
5/5 Rating

Polly Tremblay

booker «Select», Canada
Great! This application has a huge database of modeling agencies with contacts and reviews. This helps a lot in the booker's workflow.
5/5 Rating

The app was developed in collaboration with modeling agencies, bookers and international models.


№7 Top downloads in «Fashion & Lifestyle» category in App Store

(December 2021).


Modeling Pro App works perfectly on iPhone with iOS 15+ and Macbook with Apple M1 silicon.


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